Services Offered

Premier Bike Transport is Your Road to the Race.  I provide bike and gear transport service to race destinations across the Eastern United States.  See my Race Schedule for a list of the races I serve.

Bike Transport

 I will transport your bike in my custom trailer.  Your bike will be picked up from one of several partner bike shops and securely mounted, fully assembled, by the fork with the front wheel in its own slot right next to your bike.  It will remain inside the trailer (Not out in the elements) until you claim your bike at the race venue.  Normally, I am at the race venue with time for you to pre-ride the bike course or take your bike out for one final test ride, after which you can leave your bike with me until it's time to turn it in to transition.  It will once again be secure in my trailer. After the race, the bike is immediately returned to its position in the trailer and kept there until it is returned to the original partner bike shop for you to retrieve. Because I am a local company dealing with local partner bike shops, you will have less down time without your bike.  Typical turnaround time is just a few days instead of weeks. My custom trailer and truck are equipped with modern security systems to protect your bike while I transport it.  You can rest assured that your bike is better protected than when transported with the airlines.

Gear Transport

Want to save some stress and possible money getting your race gear to the venue?  Most airlines charge $25-50 for additional bags, EACH WAY, which you have to lug around the airport, and HOPE your helmet or race wheels don't get crushed in the process. Let me haul your race gear or race wheels for you. I can handle up to two gear/wheel bags per bike. I do charge $25 per bag, but think of the peace of mind you will have. Your gear bag will be transported in the same, secure trailer use to transport your bike and handled with the same loving care, but now you do not have to haul it all over the terminal, reclaim it from the baggage carousel, and HOPE that TSA/airline baggage handlers haven't destroyed your gear.

Bike Retrieval

So, you’ve finished that full distance 140.6 mile race.  You are ready for a shower, dinner, maybe a massage, and you want to get off your feet. But wait!  You have to get your bike and transition bags before the night is out.  What a drag!  So, You could have your loved ones get your bike for you, but wouldn't they rather be watching the race?  What if something unfortunate does happen and you end up in the medical tent? Let me do it for you!  Bring me your claim tickets and I will reclaim your bike and transition bags (**NOT special needs bags**) and hold them securely in my trailer. I will hang your wet suit to dry, wipe down your bike and lube your chain. If you are not transporting with me, but would still like to use my Bike Retrieval Service, I will hold your bike for you until the morning after the race.  You will have to pick up your bike and gear prior to my departure, which will typically be 10:00 am