Why Use PBT?

     You may be asking, "Why should I use Premier Bike Transport instead of flying my bike?" or "Why should I use Premier Bike Transport instead of someone else?"

My goal is to be your first and only choice in bicycle and gear transportation services.  I intend to do this by providing first class, personal service that is a convenient and cost effective way for you to transport your bike to and from your race.  So when you consider flying your bike or using another transport provider, consider these details about my service:

  • Your bike and race gear are handled with care and transported in my custom trailer equipped with a state of the art alarm system.
  • Your bike is not subject to inspection by a TSA agent who does not share your passion for your bike, or a baggage handler  whose sole concern is loading the box onto the airplane as quickly as possible, regardless of the contents.
  • Your bicycle will remain secure and dry in my transport vehicle until you claim it. I will not leave your bike in the pouring rain.
  • Less down time from your bike.  Since I only serve a limited number of bikes, my pick-up area is not as expansive.  Therefore, I will not need to hold onto your bikes as long. 
  • If you have a question, you can contact me directly and personally.
  • You can transport your race gear with me as well and be assured it will receive the same care as your bike.  I know your helmet, shoes and wheels can be another large investment and they also deserve the PBT attention and care.
  • If you calculate all the costs associated with travel by air (bike box, larger rental vehicle, over sized baggage fees, the need to purchase new CO2 cartridges at the race site, bike dis-assembly and re-assembly, etc.) you will actually find me to be a very affordable option.
  • If you consider all the extra fees added by other companies, you will find my rates very competitive and cost effective while providing the first class service you desire.

  • You can contact me directly, just give me a call at (352) 429-3022 or email me at info@premierbiketransport.com.